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SWCD Supervisors

The Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD) supervisors, are part of a respected, and progressive governmental organization responsible for the wise management of Indiana's soil and water resources an the environment in which we live.

As supervisors, they are a government officials charged with properly conducting the affairs of the local district. The agencies that assist the district look upon the supervisors as a local program priority-setter and policy decision-maker. Organizations that cooperate with the district consider the supervisors a partner in soil and water conservation.

image Joe Ferguson,

Joe owns 600 acres; leases 750 acres where he grows: corn, soybean, wheat; and raises 80 beef cattle. He owns and operates Ferguson Electric. Joe became a member in 1999.
  image Steve Riley,

Steve has 240 acres; 100 wooded, 115 acres in pasture and hay, and 60 beef cows. He is also a crop insurance adjuster with Riley-Gasper Agency, Inc. Steve became a member in 2000.
  image Bill Miller,

Bill owns 300 acres; leases 130 acres where grows; corn, soybeans, and hay. He also raises 22 head of cattle. Bill works in the reliability department at IKEC. Bill and his wife, Phyllis, own Gaffney's Grocery located in Deputy. Bill became a member in 2013.

image Dale Sides,

Dale has 150 acres; half wooded, 30 acres in warm season grasses, 10 acres in Hay, and two horses. He has worked closely with IDNR Biologists establishing warm season grasses for private lands, and assists land owners with prescribed fire to manage their grasslands. Dale became a member in 2009.
  image Tony Stephanus,

Tony and his wife, Sara, live in Graham township, where they raise hay, corn, soybeans, wheat, and oats. Tony is also in the hay market and is the Southern Indiana Distributor for Kitchen Seed Company. He became a member in 2014.

SWCD Staff
image Vicki Wehner,
District Coordinator

Vicki serves as Office and Financial Manager, as well as Environmental Educator. She provides assistance and natural resource information to landowners. Vicki has completed several business courses at Ivy Tech and has also been a lifelong resident of Jefferson County. Vicki has served as the District Coordinator/ Environmental Educator since March 2016.
  image Tim Schwipps,
Natural Resource Conservation District

On April 18, 2011 Tim Schwipps was assigned the acting District Conservationist, USDA/NRCS for Jefferson County. Tim has provided guidance and technical assistance to land owners. He received his B.S. degree in Environmental Science Agronomy from Purdue University. Tim became a District Conservationist for NRCS in 2004.
  image James Hall,
Erosion and Sediment Control Expert

James has a degree in Environmental Management from Indiana University, and has nearly 15 years of experience in the environmental field. He owns and operates L&H Environmental, an environmental consulting firm in Madison. He is a Certified Hazardous Materials Manager (CHMM) and has spent most of his 15 years working on water related projects. He routinely completes Rule 5 inspections and reviews/develops SWPPPs for construction projects. He regularly attends stormwater trainings held by IDEM to stay informed of industry standards and best practices. He is a native of Jefferson County, and looks forward to serving his community in this way.

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