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The Clean Water Indiana (CWI) Program was established to provide financial assistance to landowners and conservation groups. The financial assistance supports the implementation of conservation practices which will reduce nonpoint sources of water pollution through education, technical assistance, training, and cost sharing programs. The CWI fund is administered by the Division of Soil Conservation under the direction of the State Soil Conservation Board.

The (CWI) Program is responsible for providing local matching funds as well as grants for sediment and nutrient reduction projects through Indiana's Soil and Water Conservation Districts. CWI also contributes critical state matching funds for Indiana's Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program, an initiative which utilizes federal funds to encourage landowners to conserve environmentally sensitive land.

Muscatatuck Watershed Incentive Program

You can receive money for installing conservation practices! Landowners can receive up to $5,000 for installing conservation practices that include: Hardwood Tree Plantings, Riparian Buffers, Bottomland Timber Plantings, Native Grass Plantings, Wildlife Habitat Plantings, Filter Strips, and Establishments of grasses/legumes.

Clean Water Indiana 2014 Grant
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This incentive program is similar to the Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP) in respect to the conservation practices included for incentives but with an emphasis for those producers that do not qualify for typical Farm Service Agency Programs due to cropping history or other prerequisites that might deem the land ineligible.

2015 Clean Water Indiana Grant
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Better Soil, Cleaner Water, More profit...This is an incentive program that is designed to reduce sediment and nutrients from nonpoint sources in an effort to improve water quality. Participants are required to utilize soil testing, a no-till cropping system and apply cover crops.

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